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Presently, charities need our support more than ever as funding channels continue to tighten due to the global pandemic emergency and tightening economic conditions.

Every year since 1988, Little Britain Challenge Cup and its participants dedicate its support to its chosen charities with money from fundraising and surplus profits from the regatta and other events.




Supporting deserving causes

The regatta raises thousands of pounds each year for sailing charities doing great work, such as the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust,  the Cirdan Sailing Trust, the RNLI plus a host of smaller Isle of Wight sailing charities including Cowes Sailability.

Over the past 35 years, surplus profits and donations are shared between the charities and in that time the Little Britain Challenge Cup has raised over £1.25 million.

Little Britain is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers for their colleagues and friends in the property and construction industry.

“Little Britain has been one of the longest term supporters of the Trust, it has been a marvellous partnership over the years and without their support we would have not been able to work with so many young people in recovery from Cancer”

The amazing support has enabled the Trust to give even more young people the confidence to re-imagine a positive future following the devastation of cancer, through the incredible power of sailing. The four-day sailing trips are a unique and life changing experience, the atmosphere a boat creates has an incredibly positive effect allowing, the young people to concentrate on what they can achieve rather than what they cannot.

Often for the first time being in hospital feels like a world away, thanks to LBCC the Trust can give these inspirational young people the opportunity to see past their illness and start rebuilding their lives once again.

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The work of Cirdan has been supported through the Little Britain Challenge Cup event since 2001.  During this time the generosity of the companies and individuals who take part in the event have helped more than 2,000 youths and  experience life at sea. 

Cirdan helps young people who face disadvantage in their lives to benefit from character building education and personal development through the challenge and discipline of life at sea aboard large sailing vessels.  The experience of life at sea increases self-confidence and esteem, promotes motivation, encourages team work and builds resilience.

Support from the LBCC event has enabled a special needs academy in the Midlands to sail on a number of occasions.  On one particular voyage, 9 students had autism and 3 had learning difficulties, one also had cerebral palsy whilst three had complex emotional difficulties.

Amanda Cameron, Vice Principal said,  “Thanks to the amazing work of the crew and the challenges presented by the voyage, the students had a fantastic week and didn’t want to go home.  Their confidence grew so much in the space of a week!

The impact on their attitude has been substantial and lasting.  Their school attendance has improved and they now put themselves forward for everything that’s offered.  Their parents are absolutely amazed and delighted with the changes and their personal achievements”.

All at Cirdan are very grateful to the LBCC for their continued support of our work and would like to thank all those involved.

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