Great to be sailing







As a Regatta, we are:

  • Certified Silver Award for Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta
  • Eliminating single use plastic in anything we provide
  • Maximising all waste reduction and recycling
  • Actively promoting long term reduction in pollution and ecological impacts

Sustainable Sailing Actions for Sailors, required to fulfil this

Water use reduction:

  • Avoid filling tanks when on land unless absolutely necessary
  • Think about how much you really need (toilet flushing / hot drinks only)
  • Remember you are likely to empty it again before racing

Fuel and energy reduction:

  • Use boat engines only when necessary
  • Reduce travel impact by taking public transport or car sharing

Single use plastic:

  • Bring your refillable bottles for water on board (mains water is available for refiling)

Other waste and recycling:

  • Separate all your recyclables from general waste using the bags provided
  • Take your recycling to the recycling point onshore, which is signposted
  • Don’t throw anything overboard! (Rule 55 (Trash Disposal) from the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing)
  • Buy food with less packaging, think about making sandwiches, buying bulk items to share etc.

Pollution prevention (also includes longer term actions):

  • Attach bow stickers correctly so that they don’t fall off
  • Ensure sewage is only pumped out at authorised stations
  • Use sustainable cleaning products – make sure they do not contain substances that are toxic or damaging to the environment
  • If you are sailing where you cannot pump out make sure you are more than three miles offshore before you discharge blackwater
  • Be careful when fuelling to avoid spillage – use an absorbent bib/collar for drips; fill your tank slowly to prevent overflow

Ecology (also includes longer term actions):

  • Clean boats after use – remove any visible vegetation; wash all parts of the boat that have been in the water thoroughly with non-sea water (preferably rain or grey water)
  • At the event, water only washdown
  • Use ecologically friendly products for cleaning in general
  • Drain all water, including from bilges
  • Flush the engine with non-sea water before leaving the site

If we can all: use less, waste less, recycle more, pollute less & be fully aware of our ecological impact – we can do our bit towards a healthier sustainable world. 

From everyone at Little Britain

Thank you.