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Sustainability & CSR

**BREAKING NEWS**  FEBRUARY 2024 – LBCC has been awarded the Gold Certificate –  Sailors for the Sea – for their work and commitment towards making their Little Britain Challenge Cup regatta more sustainable.  More details to follow.

LBCC Sustainability & CSR Aims 2023

The Little Britain Challenge Cup strives to be a sustainable regatta,  an aim we seek to continually improve upon. This year we have further aims, both in reducing the impact of the event, and having a wider positive impact on the environment, particularly the sea.

Our intention is to ensure that by participating in the race you will be actively benefiting both environmental and social sustainability.

The key areas of focus in achieving this are:

  • Overall impact reduction in terms of water, energy, and resources use during the regatta
  • Pursuit of circular economy principles
  • Education on wider issues and greater community involvement


[Find out how to win the Greenest Boat Trophy – here ]


The story so far…

For the second year running, we achieved Silver Certified Clean Regatta status in 2023, following the Sailors for the Sea program. To do this, we delivered a range of measures, with support from competitors.

In addition to this, we had a specific focus on the reduction of waste and the promotion of re-use. We actively promoted the re-use of flags, wrist bands, etc., by both minimising the need for bow stickers (for racing purposes) and the removal of dates to make items re-usable year after year.


Plans for this year and beyond

We aim to achieve Gold Certification this year. This will be achieved through more intelligent waste management and more responsible sourcing of food provided as part of hospitality. Concurrently we will be working to achieve these three aims, as follows:

Impact reduction

  • Active measurement of energy, water and resource use throughout the regatta
  • Target setting to reduce this year on year
  • NEW greenest boat trophy for the most sustainable crew on the water


Circular Economy

  • Continued focus on promoting re-use of anything issued annually to crews
  • Active promotion of these principles to teams – re-use of clothing, bottles, cups etc, year on year
  • Wider exploration of CE principles in the sailing industry promoted to all participants throughout the year
  • Route-map to achieving closer to a circular regatta



  • Community involvement, both in terms of local organisations, and the LBCC community as a whole
  • Greater promotion of Green Boating practices over the year
  • Encouraging participants to implement better practice in their wider sailing exploits and share the message with the whole community.


 YOUR GUIDE to a sustainable regatta

We are working hard to make sure that we maximise re-use, minimise waste and minimise carbon emissions and water use associated with all the onshore activities. 

We need you to:

1. Re-use – bottles and cups

Please bring your own re-useable bottles to fill up with water on the marina to reduce use of single use ones

At the pontoon parties, Gunners will be providing complementary cocktails in their recyclable cans. When finished it needs to be put in the recycling bin. A paper straw can be provided for those who don’t like to drink from can, or a re-useable washable glass will be available from the bar.

2. Transport

Can you take public transport to the regatta instead of driving? There are lots of options on trains and ferries. If driving is the only option can you car share with people in your crew (or even other crews) to reduce trips?

3. Waste

Separate your waste, please:

~general waste to landfill (use the Black bin liners),
~mixed recycling (Green bin liners)
~and glass (Blue bin liners),

please separate out recyclables and put in the marked recycling bins on the marina.

4. Green boating

Become a Sailors for the Sea Green Boater at and receive a free, digital Green Boating Guide with tips on how to boat in an environmentally responsible manner

If we can all: use less, waste less, recycle more, pollute less & be fully aware of our ecological impact – we can do our bit towards a healthier sustainable world. 

From everyone at Little Britain

Thank you.