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Greenest Boat Trophy

Greenest Boat Trophy

Fill in the questionnaire below and you may win the new sustainability award.

This year we will be introducing a “Greenest” Boat Trophy, rewarding crews for implementing more sustainable behaviour to contribute to making LBCC a clean regatta. For the first year, we have tried to keep the criteria simple to help you make steps towards greater impact reduction.

The assessment will be relatively qualitative, with more stringent targets being brought in in future years. The main aim is to get everyone involved in thinking about how we can be more sustainable sailors!

The greenest boat award will be assessed as follows:

Category: Criteria: Scoring:
  1. Green Boating Commitment: Sign up as a Green Boater with Sailors For the Sea: Pre-requisite

  2. Energy Use: Report fuel used for duration of regatta: Pre-requisite

  3. Transport: Travel modes of crew to Cowes: Ranked

  4. Waste- Re-use: Using reusables to reduce waste: 1 point

  5. Waste- Re-use: Re-use of kit, flags, banners, equipment from previous years: 1 point

  6. Waste- Recycling: Active recycling of all recyclables: 1 point

  7. Waste- Recycling: Zero non-recyclable waste: 1 point

  8. Food Inventory: Provision of food inventory for all meals, which will be assessed: Ranked

  9. Outreach: Sustainable boating media outreach (social media, websites, blogs etc): 1 point for each instance

  10. Innovation: Approved innovative measures: Ranked

In the introductory year, we will be measuring performance on the basis of information submitted by crews such as photos, screenshots and questionnaires.

This will rely on some trust, but it is intended to be a bit of fun and help with education on green boating practices!